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We strive for excellence in both our products and in our relationships with our clients. Here's a little of what our past customers have to say about working with us.


Kelsey Kenway

I had the privilege of having Natalie and Dean with Humble Pie Productions capture my wedding day. How I feel about the work they have done cannot be easily articulated. What I can say is that I am blown away with how incredible their work is and how each and every one of their videos moves me. They were easy going, easy to work with, fun and knew exactly what they wanted to capture. They take their time to get to know a little about you, what is important to you, and how they can bring that into your own personal video. They were prepared and blend in with the wedding scene. Having a video meant a lot to my husband and I and we fully put our trust into Natalie and Dean to do what they enjoy doing. I am incredibly happy with what they have created and I cannot thank them enough. If anyone is on the fence about having a videographer capture their wedding, I fully encourage them to move forward with it. If the cost is something that is a perceived barrier, sacrifice the small things that do not matter. No one will remember if you had cloth versus paper napkins, if your decorations were home made, picked from the forest, or were high end decor. What they will remember are all of the beautiful moments that only you can make happen. Natalie and Dean can capture those moments for you to be able to reflect on and share with your loved ones. Thank you Humble Pie Productions for all of your work and making something incredible for us to remember our wedding day by.


Gayleen Roelfsema

We had an amazing experience with Humble Pie Productions- professional, warm, intelligent and so easy to work with- the video they did for my daughter's wedding was outstanding and done in record time. I have heard horror stories about expensive companies that take months to get the video to the happy couple- Humble Pie had the video up within 10 days of the wedding and it is outstanding- would give them a 6 out of 5 if I could!


Stephanie Kreuger

When we first started planning our wedding we were undecided about if we wanted a video of the day, I wanted the lasting memories but there was so many options it seemed overwhelming at times. After working with Dean and Natalie and seeing the final project I can honestly say it was the best decision we made about the whole wedding! The video was absolutely stunning! Natalie and Dean worked with us and our wedding party and really got a sense of who we are. Our video is fun, entertaining and absolutely perfect! The Winters were wonderful to work with, finding perfect shots and locations and if there was something extra we wanted included they had no troubles adjusting to last minute ideas! Dean and Natalie were perfect to capture our day and we have and will continue to recommend them to anyone considering getting a video of their special day!


Naomi Holland

Dean and Natalie with Humble Pie Productions are such a joy to work with! We cannot recommend this amazing team enough. Not only are they incredibly professional and hugely talented, they understand exactly what the client needs. They are also very flexible and able to work in any environment. When they came to film our fitness class they had to work in a large dark gym with ladies jumping up and down on stage and on the floor. They embraced the challenge working quietly and unnoticed and made us look like "rock stars"- as we had asked! These videos are a great way to record an incredible life moment, promote your business or make you look like a rock star and worth every dollar. I just know these two are going to get very busy. You are lucky if you can reserve them. All the best to Dean and Natalie and thank you!!! #humblepieproductions #capturingmoments #makingmemories


Mandy Walter

How do I express my joy and happiness that I have for these 2! Natalie and Dean you have over exceeded my expectations on our wedding video and I will share it with the world to be able to recommend you to anyone! You two are the most warm hearted, welcoming, kind and caring people ever! I am now pleased to call you life long friends! Thank you!