We want to tell love stories that take our viewers on a rollercoaster ride, with all the emotions and thrills each wedding day creates.

Our hope is to connect with clients who share the same sense of passion for marriage as we do. For us, a wedding isn’t just about a party. It’s the beginning of a new chapter, two lives joining to create one story. Knowing our clients well enough so their fingerprints are reflected throughout their film, is so important to us. This is only possible by creating a genuine friendship with them.

Dean and Natalie

We are a husband and wife team from central Alberta. We’re headed into our 6th year filming weddings with over 80 weddings to our name. We have three amazing children - all creatives too, and we love seeing how filming weddings has influenced their creative souls.

You can learn more about our story and how we got into the wedding film industry by clicking on the button below. .